1. Surprise each other with thoughtful gestures. Whether it’s bringing home flowers or organizing a romantic evening out, surprises can be a great way to bring some excitement back into your relationship. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have something special planned; the surprise itself is often enough to get the juices flowing.

2. Do something new together. Trying something unfamiliar together can be exciting and reinvigorating. For example, you could take a cooking class together or try out a new sport like rock climbing or kayaking. Doing something new together gives you an opportunity to learn about one another in a different context and can help strengthen your bond as a couple.

3. Show physical affection in public places. Something as simple as holding hands while walking down the street or sharing an intimate kiss while waiting in line can make all the difference when it comes to rekindling the romance between two people who have been together for a while.

4. Make time for each other every day. This might seem like common advice, but it’s worth repeating—it’s important to make time for each other every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes before bed where you talk without distractions about what’s going on in your lives and how you feel about each other at that moment in time.

5. Get creative with date night ideas . Instead of doing the same thing over and over again (e.g., dinner and movie), why not switch things up from time-to-time? You could plan an outdoor adventure, attend a local event, take up dancing lessons —the possibilities are endless!

6. Take turns planning dates . Taking turns planning dates makes sure that both of you will get something out of spending quality time together, as well as providing opportunities for each partner to show their creative side by coming up with unique ideas they know their significant other will love!

Conclusion: If your relationship needs some spark, try implementing some of these tips into your daily routine! Even small changes such as holding hands or giving compliments can help bring back the passion between two people who have been together for years – so go ahead and give them a try! With some creativity and effort on both sides, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to rekindle that old flame in no time!

Cristene San Gabriel