It’s finally here - your wedding night! After months of planning, the big day has come and gone. Now it’s time to celebrate with your new husband in style. And what better way to do so than by wearing lingerie that will make him swoon?

Let’s talk about the best lingerie pieces for your wedding night and how you can choose one that will make you feel sexy and confident.

Choosing the Right Piece The most important thing when choosing lingerie for your wedding night is to pick something you love. Choose something that makes you feel comfortable yet sultry and beautiful. Find something that reflects your personality and personal style, but also makes a statement. If you usually don’t wear lace, don’t pick a lacy piece – go with something more structured or simple if that better reflects your taste.

Consider adding a pop of color or texture to add some extra flair – perhaps a silk robe or sheer kimono in an unexpected hue like teal or blush. You can even think outside the box and choose something unconventional like a bodysuit with cutouts, an open cup bra, or stockings with garters. Whatever you decide on, just be sure it feels special and reflects who you are as a couple.

Accessorizing for Extra Impact Once you have chosen the perfect lingerie piece, it’s time to accessorize! Jewelry is always a great way to add extra sparkle to any look – think dainty necklaces, earrings, anklets, etc., all in gold or silver tones depending on what looks best on your skin tone. You could also add some texture by wearing velvet pumps or thigh-high boots (depending on how daring you want to be!). Don’t forget about makeup either – smoky eyeshadow or glossy lips are always great options for a dramatic look!

Whether it’s lace or velvet, high heels or jewelry – whatever lingerie pieces and accessories you choose should ultimately reflect who you are as a couple while still making you feel sexy and confident on this special night together. With these tips in mind, we hope shopping for wedding night lingerie will be fun and enjoyable, making this special time even more memorable! Good luck!

Cristene San Gabriel