Whether you are trying to spice up your relationship or just having a bit of fun, having sex in public can be thrilling. But it’s important to be safe and aware of the consequences of this kind of behavior. To make sure you have an enjoyable time without any legal repercussions, here is a guide on how to have sex in public places. 

Choose Your Spot Carefully
Once you know all the rules, it’s time to choose your spot carefully. Avoid places that are heavily populated with people—public bathrooms, parks, etc.—as these places will likely get more attention from police officers and other individuals who may not take kindly to public displays of affection. Also consider avoiding spots near schools or churches as those areas tend to be more conservative when it comes to such activities. Consider going somewhere secluded like a beach at night or a private outdoor area where there aren't many people around so that you can have some privacy while still being able to enjoy the thrill of public sex.

Be Discreet
Once you’ve chosen a spot, make sure that you take extra steps to be discreet about what you’re doing – keep noise to a minimum and wear clothing that covers up any sensitive body parts. If possible, try to position yourselves behind something like a bush or wall so that passersby won't see what's going on. And don't forget protection! Bring condoms with you just in case things get heated up quickly – better safe than sorry!

Conclusion: Having sex in public can be an exhilarating experience but it must always be done safely and responsibly. Be sure to research local laws before engaging in any activities and choose your location wisely so that no one else gets hurt or offended by what you're doing. Lastly, use discretion while participating in these activities so as not to draw unwanted attention from others who may not share your enthusiasm for outdoor fun! With these tips under your belt, now all there's left is for you two lovebirds is for you two take flight! Have fun!

Cristene San Gabriel
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