PassionPlay Intimate Set


An all-encompassing experience designed to ignite the flames of desire and exploration in the realm of intimacy.

Crafted for couples seeking to elevate their connection, this set features a versatile bandage restraints belt that allows for an array of enticing positions. The open-crotch leg spreader adds a daring touch, inviting you to explore new dimensions of pleasure.

The inclusion of a neck pillow ensures both comfort and support, enabling prolonged enjoyment without compromise. Complemented by the sensual touch of hand and ankle cuffs, this set is an invitation to unlock the depths of your fantasies.

Embrace the allure of desire, redefine your boundaries, and let the PassionPlay Intimate Restraints Set be the catalyst for unforgettable shared experiences. Elevate your intimacy, indulge in the pleasures of connection, and let your passion play.



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Ends May 27, 2024 at 12:00 am