Nipple Teasers


Enjoy hands-free play whenever the mood strikes with these wild metal nipple clamps! Both 2 ¼” long rubber-tipped clamps come with fully adjustable tension controls, so you can feel the perfect soft or firm grip! Move and you’ll moan as the attached 12” chain swings, tugging your buds just like a lover.

•    First Time Nipple Teasers
•    Two 2 ¼” long clamps
•    Joined by 12” lightweight metal chain
•    Chain adds sensation and weight
•    Clamps are rubber-tipped for comfort
•    Rubber tips are removable for more ‘bite’
•    Adjustable tension controls
•    Chain and clamps made from nickel-free iron

Get your nipples erect and excited with the First Time Nipple Teasers. Whether it’s your first time experimenting with nipple clamps, or you’re an expert looking for a great go-to set of nipple clamps, these little teasers are just what you’re looking for!

To use, just stimulate your nipples until they’re hard. Then gently open one of the clamps on your First Time Nipple Teasers and close it around your nipple. Feeling the pinch? Good! Repeat the process on your other nipple. If your nipple clamps are too tight, you can use the tension adjusters to give your love buds a little more room. And if you’re an expert craving some serious nipple clamp fun, you can remove the rubber tips from these nipple clamps and enjoy some truly intense sensations.